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Regulatory and Code Updates for September 2015

Every month RAE produces a short summary of important changes to regulations and codes that may impact our clients. The following are the updates from the month of September:

ABSA released variance VA15-010 for the Pressure Welders Regulation, specifically for the Pressure Tack Welder examination. Under the current regulation welder apprentices are eligible to take the Pressure Tack Welder examination, and while apprentices in the boilermaker, steamfitter-pipefitter or structural steel and plate fitter trades are expected to learn welding skills they were ineligible to write the Pressure Tack Welder examination. The variance, VA15-010, grants apprentice boilermakers, steamfitter-pipefitters, or structural steel and plate fitters eligibility to write the Pressure Tack Welder examination, provided that the apprentice has a letter of certification from their employer certifying that they have at least 40 hours of practical training in the welding processes used in the skills test.

ABSA released a new revision to AB-506 the guidance document for inspection and servicing of in-service pressure equipment. This editorial revision removed a reference to note 12 from page 2 of Table 1, the Maximum Thorough Inspection and Servicing Intervals table.

The ABSA Website was redesigned and information has been re-organized.

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