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Regulatory and Code updates for March 2015

Every month RAE produces a short summary of important changes to regulations and codes that may impact our clients. The following are the updates from the month of March:

API Std 520 Sizing, Selection, and Installation of Pressure-Relieving Devices in Refineries, Part 2 Installation, 6th Edition was released. API 520 comes in two parts, part 1 governs the sizing and selection of pressure relief devices and part 2 (the new release) governs the installation of pressure relief devices. This includes requirements for the location of the PRD, inlet and discharge piping, isolation valves, handling, and maintenance. This is the first major update to API 510 part 2 since 2003.

The March edition of The Pressure News, the ABSA newsletter, was issued and it is a nice roundup of changes in the regulations, common issues that ABSA inspectors have found, and interpretations.

ABSA released IB15-003 Quality Management Systems for Pressure Relief Devices, which supersedes a previous bulletin, IB14-006, and re-affirms that AB-524 is the guiding document for the pressure relief devices and for the quality management systems of PSV service companies. It further extends the deferral for steam testing of UV stamped pressure relief valves to December 31, 2015, provided the owner has a compliance plan in accordance with AB-524a.

ABSA issued a minor update to AB-528 Requirements for Reduced Supervision of Power Plants, Thermal Liquid Heating Systems and Heating Plants. This was an editorial update and not a new edition.

ABSA released an updated AB-512a Owner-User PEIMP Scope and Responsibilities form. The new form simplifies some of the wording and adds new areas to indicate if replacement in kind of mechanically assembled piping components (in accordance with AB-523) or alternative test methods for pressure piping (in accordance with AB-519) will be used under the program.

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