Regulatory and Code Updates for July 2016

Every month RAE produces a short summary of important changes to regulations and codes that may impact our clients. The following are the updates from the month of July:

ABSA is now offering a half day seminar which focuses on the changes to the new edition of AB-528. Details regarding this seminar can be found here.

ABSA released the following Information Bulletins: IB16-012 Requirements for Reduced Supervision and IB16-011 Rev. 1 Information Bulletins issued as Standata by Alberta Municipal Affairs.

BCSA has increased compliance and enforcement activities in 2016. BCSA launched a new awareness campaign this past week, reminding equipment owners, contractors, operators and homeowners of their responsibilities for ensuring that regulated work is done safely and regulated equipment is used properly. The campaign encourages obtaining permits and hiring only licensed contractors. The full media release can be found here.


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