Regulatory and Code updates for April 2015

Every month RAE produces a short summary of important changes to regulations and codes that may impact our clients. The following are the updates from the month of April:

ABSA released an information bulletin, IB15-004 Emergency Discharge of Refrigerants – CSA B52 Annex B, which supersedes a previous directive from 2008. This bulletin regards refrigeration systems and their emergency discharge requirements. As per the code, CSA B52 clause 6.10, an emergency discharge system must be a consideration in the design of a refrigeration system. CSA B52 Annex B is one option to fulfill this requirement, and ABSA allows for another option: A design engineer may conduct a HAZOP study and identify all necessary actions to make the system safe. A copy of the HAZOP report, signed by a professional engineer, is then submitted to ABSA for evaluation. Details on what the HAZOP must consider are provided in the information bulletin.

ABSA released a revision to information bulletin IB10-006 Steam Pipelines, this revision restates the requirements, from ABSA, for the design registration and integrity management of steam pipelines and includes clarifications from the AER as to what constitutes a “steam pipeline”. Steam pipelines in the context of AER Directive 077 include:

  • The steam distribution pipelines, carrying steam at temperatures >120°C, from steam generators at the steam generation facility to the well pads
  • Production pipelines, carrying some combination of fluids at temperatures >120°C (oil, natural gas, water, and recovered steam), back from the well pads to the central processing facility

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