• Currently all industrial gas fired equipment in the province of Alberta is required to follow the
    Safety Codes Act. Regulations require all field constructed fuel gas equipment to be approved
    onsite before passing the provincial permitting process. Onsite field approval must be completed
    prior to commissioning, and failure to comply increases exposure to liability and safety issues in
    the province of Alberta.
  • Provisions have been made to account for all equipment installed prior to 2013. This equipment
    is known as “legacy equipment”. Legacy equipment has been given special considerations in
    order for industry to have the opportunity to comply. Regulatory expectations state that all legacy
    equipment is to be addressed by January 1, 2020.
  • In addition to liability, under the Safety Codes Act, owners who do not take action to become
    compliant face potential fines ranging from $100,000.00 to $500,000.00 per appliance.

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  • The provincial government is currently working with industry to properly document all industrial
    gas fired equipment in accordance with the Safety Code Act. This will apply to the equipment
    each time it is moved or altered.

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RGCI can provide you with the means to address each piece of equipment in regards to the Safety
Codes Act. In some cases, the solution may be as simple as a review of assets, while other cases
may require field approvals. There is a process in place that allows companies to submit special
applications to the province requesting extra time for completing all the requirements. Owners of
any tank heaters, treaters, separators, permanent flare stacks, de-hydrators, boilers, generators,
or compressors (essentially any gas fired process equipment) are responsible to the Safety
Codes Act. RGCI can make the process simple and efficient.

RGCI offers accredited field approvals on fuel fired equipment. Our staff will be happy to help
your organization with services ranging from complete asset compliance management, to field
approvals, or even in-house information presentations. Please feel free to contact any of our
offices for more information.

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